Acorn Manor Assisted Living in The Woodlands- Humans and Their Pets Welcome

Who We Are

Warmth of Home

At Acorn Manor, we have created an environment and array of services to meet the unique needs of our residents as they age, carefully taking into consideration that each resident has distinct tastes, preferences and capabilities. We proudly offer the highest quality service and care with the warmth and hospitality of home. Our compassionate staff is committed to maximizing the independence and enhancing the lifestyle of you dear one.

Nutrition & Dining

Nutritious eating and enjoyable dining are a key component of healthy aging. We are focused on meeting the individual preferences of our residents, while presenting nutritious meals in a welcoming, social atmosphere. Our residents enjoy varied cuisine and locally sourced food, which is freshly prepared daily. Nutritious menu options are part of healthy aging and enjoyable mealtimes are a priority at Acorn Manor Assisted Living.

Fun & Activities

Acorn Manor assisted living in the woodlands is a vibrant and active senior living facility that prides itself on the wide variety of activities offered to our residents. The activities schedule focuses on social interaction and developing and encouraging the interests of our senior residents. The goal of activities at Acorn Manor is not only entertainment, but mental and emotional flexibility, as well as social interaction contributing to overall well-being. We are a perfect place to come to after recovering in a nursing home and needing a temporary place to continue your recovery. Or to bring a loved one who is on their last journey and looking for a loving hospice in the Woodlands.


Better Quality of Life

Having to take and elderly family member to live in an assisted living facility is an act of love because they will have the proper care they deserve at a home adapted to their needs. However for them it is a difficult time because very often they will have to say goodbye to a beloved pet. Many times the family won't be able to take care of their dog and the pooch will end up in a shelter. That could bring unnecessary sadness and stress to the person you love so much that you are looking for a better quality of life for your senior. You don't want them to feel sad and helpless. You want them happy and excited about their new life.

At Acorn Manor we happily welcome seniors and their pets!

The Old Man & His Dog

Now imagine that you father or grandfather will be able to take his best friend with him to his new home with us at Acorn Manor. A new home where people love dogs too. A happy home full of laughter and wagging tails. And the reassuring knowledge that his pet will be taken care when he passes away because his baby will either stay at Acorn Manor or will be welcomed at Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary.

Easier Adaptation to Their New Home

At Acorn Manor our residents experience a shorter period of adaptation because instead of feeling lonely in their new home, they will be busy helping their pets to adapt. That shift of focus makes them feel at ease much faster than at other assisted living facilities. There is no better ice-breaker than talking about how smart your doggie is!

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Do you have a talent that you'd like to share with our residents?

Bring your joy and make our senior's day!

Take part in our joyful activities by sharing your skills or just be present and play with us!

Some of our activities you can take part are:

  • Pampering Date (hair cut, nails, massage, etc)
  • Ballroom Dancing (show up your dancing skills while having fun with our seniors)
  • Book and Movie Club (ready to our residents, do book reviews, etc)
  • Horticulture (help us with our vegetable garden)

Get involved with our vibrant residents!